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Welcome to our store, Call us today on

1300 089 974

Welcome to our store, Call us today on

1300 089 974

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Commercial glassware is designed for use in various hospitality and food service establishments, such as restaurants, bars, hotels, and catering businesses. These glasses are crafted to withstand the demands of high-volume use, frequent washing, and the diverse needs of different beverages.


Buffetware refers to a variety of serving and presentation items used in buffet-style dining settings.


Commercial cutlery, designed for use in professional kitchens and food service establishments, is typically made to withstand the demands of high-volume usage and repeated commercial dishwashing.


Dinnerware, plates, bowls, and related items designed for use in professional kitchens, restaurants, hotels, catering services, and other food service establishments. Commercial-grade crockery is built to withstand the rigors of high-volume use, frequent cleaning, and potential exposure to extreme temperatures

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